What is man? What is woman? These two questions are at the forefront of understanding the basics of human life in the United States of America. The question; What is a Woman? Specifically, has intrigued the minds of Collegiate Professors, Congressional Representatives, and the everyday general populace. Let’s dive into Matt Walsh’s attempt to answer the question.

Recently, Podcast host and Author Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire releas...

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Politically Incorrect
Make the News, Break the News
SOURCEThe Daily Wire
what-is-a-woman-review-from-a-christian-perspectiveWhat is a Woman? That is the title of the film by controversial author and filmmaker Matt Walsh. Matt explores the simple question - what is a woman. Matt proceeds to ask all walks of life this very basic question. Yet, from the College Campuses to the Doctor's Offices - no one can seem to answer.

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