January 29, 2023



Christianity in Decline: We’re Losing Faith and the Societal Results Are Clear – The West is Turning its Back on God

In the early twentieth century, the majority of persons believed in God as described in the Christian Bible, however, as time goes on, a century later, a majority of The West has lost its Faith, and with it the sense of morality. All across...

The Progressives are quickly moving to Adopt Pedophilia as a ‘Gender Identity’

Our children are not safe. Not with the latest developments from the likes of Progressive ideology. On the one hand, there are active, elected representatives pushing for abortions up to birth. On the other hand, active, elected representatives are moving to end life as...

Prominent Health Care Corporation Nemours Blocks Parental Access to Children’s Medical Information – Children can Elect to let their Parents Access Records

Society is creeping further into revoking parental rights; first, we can start with several news anchors who have forgotten that children belong to their parents - not the community. Then, we can speak to the politicians who believe the latter. Now, we need to...

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Local News

A Drive Through Destruction – Chattanooga, Tennessee Battered by an EF3 Tornado

Chattanooga, Tennessee, already consumed with handling the Coronavirus Pandemic suffered another blow, a deadly Tornado blow. The Category EF3...

Chattanooga Battered by Tornadoes – The Damage in Pictures

Chattanooga, Tennessee, the third-largest city in Tennessee, was ravaged by mighty winds, heavy rains, and tornadoes on Sunday night....