May 25, 2024


Live Updates

Illegal Biolab in California Received US Funding

It has been reported that records indicate a biolab...

Joe Biden Knows Who’s Cocaine it was – White...

According to a report published in Soldier of Fortune...

Poland to send additional 2,000 troops to Belarus

On Wednesday, a deputy interior minister announced that Poland...

China Takes Authoritarian Action to Curb Internet Usage

New regulations introduced on Wednesday aim to address internet...

Common Sense is Dead in the UK

Around thirty percent of people in the UK are...




Live Updates

At Least 2 Dead in Heavy Rains and Flooding...

Heavy rains have lashed the city of Beijing, resulting...

Taiwan Drills China Invasion

Taiwan recently carried out a coastal defense exercise in...

Here’s What Happened at the UFO Disclosure Hearing

Officer David Grush, in his recent testimony, made a...

Funnel Cloud Appears over US Capitol Building

A funnel cloud has been sighted over the US...

Japan Sees Record Drop in Population

Japan's population decline has been a concerning trend in...

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Local News

A Drive Through Destruction – Chattanooga, Tennessee Battered by an EF3 Tornado

Chattanooga, Tennessee, already consumed with handling the Coronavirus Pandemic suffered another blow, a deadly Tornado blow. The Category EF3...

Chattanooga Battered by Tornadoes – The Damage in Pictures

Chattanooga, Tennessee, the third-largest city in Tennessee, was ravaged by mighty winds, heavy rains, and tornadoes on Sunday night....