June 9, 2023


Live Updates

BREAKING: Durham Bomshell Report

Special counsel John Durham finds the FBI should not...

Debt Ceiling Showdown: Biden will not negotiate

President Joe Biden will not negotiate with Republicans on...

The Bloodbath Continues

Regional bank stocks are plummeting after the collapse of...

Russia Strikes Kyiv

Russia has struck the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, killing...

Breaking: Syria Calls for End to Dollar

Yet another country is calling for the end of...




Live Updates

Don Lemon Out At CNN

Don Lemon on Monday was fired from CNN.


Tucker Carlson and Fox News have agreed to part...

Sudan Heading For War – Major Countries Rescue Personnel

Several countries such as China, The United States, and...

Parking Garage Collapses in New York

Several people are reportedly injured after a parking garage...

Breaking: China Calls for ‘Higher Stage’ of Relationship with...

Chinese President Xi Jinping will push for a “higher...

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Local News

A Drive Through Destruction – Chattanooga, Tennessee Battered by an EF3 Tornado

Chattanooga, Tennessee, already consumed with handling the Coronavirus Pandemic suffered another blow, a deadly Tornado blow. The Category EF3...

Chattanooga Battered by Tornadoes – The Damage in Pictures

Chattanooga, Tennessee, the third-largest city in Tennessee, was ravaged by mighty winds, heavy rains, and tornadoes on Sunday night....