March 3, 2024
Church and StateFaithChristianity in Decline: We’re Losing Faith and the Societal Results Are Clear - The West is Turning its Back on God

Christianity in Decline: We’re Losing Faith and the Societal Results Are Clear – The West is Turning its Back on God

In the early twentieth century, the majority of persons believed in God as described in the Christian Bible, however, as time goes on, a century later, a majority of The West has lost its Faith, and with it the sense of morality. All across our collective Culture, it is prevalent how society has drifted from belief in God, whether it be in Church attendance, ethics, education, media, interpersonal interactions, or even the general sense of care for another human being.

There has always been right and wrong; what defines what is right and what is wrong has been sourced from the Bible, whether it be from one person or from the actual text – the influence that the Bible has had on Western Culture is absolutely profound. Christianity in 2020 accounted for the religious identification of just over two billion people worldwide.

Yet, in the forward-thinking America and in the broader West, regress is present in Christianity. Western Culture is losing its definition of morality. The Christian faith is losing to what is called ‘the Nones’ and to the Muslim religion. The Nones are an unaffiliated grouping of people who do not believe in any God or institution. Rather, they believe in nothing. In just over a decade, swaths of persons have transitioned from Christian or Religious to ‘No Religion’ in the United States.

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The information used for this report has been collected by both Gallup and the Pew Research Center. Out of all the information present, one item stands out: regardless of the question, it is all connected. For example, one of the questions asked in June of 2022 by Gallup to the participants was their views on the ‘State of Moral Values in the U.S.’, To which a record high of fifty percent of respondents rated the moral values in the U.S. as poor. Further, seventy-eight percent of respondents believe that moral values in the U.S. are getting worse.

It is projected, according to the trends in data provided by Polling Organizations, that in the next few decades, Christianity could cease to make up more than half of the population in the United States. The drastic decline of Christianity across one generation is astounding. Since 1972 when Christians made up approximately ninety percent of the American people, to 2020, where Christians make up just sixty-four percent, and it is projected that over the next several decades, Christians will decline by another twenty percent – and that’s the best case scenario. The worst-case scenario for Christianity is that over the next several decades, Christians will make up only thirty-five percent of the population. The estimated time frame has utilized the years 1972, 2020, and the projected year 2070.

However, given the exponential decline in Christianity for various reasons, it is likely that it could be even worse. Across America currently, Churches are half empty, children in schools are reprimanded for talking about God, teachers are indoctrinating children into ‘Nones,’ prestigious modern institutions are unequivocally Progressive and Socialistic, workplaces are increasingly anti-religion, workplace culture is increasingly anti-Christian and pro-‘inclusivity,’ and just a few short years ago in 2016 the United States made the “Hall of Shame” report where Christians were reported as targeted for their faith.

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In 1963, the Bible was removed from Public Schools, and in 1972 the belief in Christianity was steady at ninety percent, yet that ruling had an impact that is being felt today. After the Bible was removed from schools, its views surrounding the world’s creation were replaced by theories such as the Big Bang, which is now being debated. Yet, the impact that the ruling had on Culture is incredibly prevalent. Further, in the 60’s, there were a lot of policies that have had drastically horrific effects on society today. One example is how broken American homes are. Currently, twenty-three percent of children live in homes with a single parent, the highest in the world.

The case that removed prayer in 1963 from Public Schools came from a Supreme Court ruling regarding the New York Board of Regents and a prayer that was designed to “combat juvenile delinquency and counter the spread of Communism.” The case started in 1955 and removed the Bible from public schools in seven short years. Ironically, in 2022 the West is grappling with young generations who believe Communism and Socialism are the best way forward for America.

Across the West, not just the United States, similar actions are prevalent; Churches are siding with Culture rather than sticking to their roots. However, targeting Christians and the belief itself through persecution does not seem to prevent persons from believing in Christianity; instead, oppressive regimes force Christians to death.

In the next several decades, it is likely that the center for Christianity will no longer be the West. Instead, it will be Sub-Saharan Africa. Regardless of where you stand on this issue, the shift is problematic for many reasons, but one significant reason in particular. The Bible defines the West. The Bible has primarily influenced every generation, from kingdoms to democracies. Therefore, what will we look like then? Belief in God has dominated Western Culture since Scripture became Scripture.

For historical purposes, the Bible was first mass-produced in English in 1539. Before that, it was primarily taught by Bishops and Priests who could read the language all the way back to the Nicene Council in 325 AD. The printing press was created in 1455; before that, every copy had to be transcribed by hand. When the Bible first became printed, nine thousand copies were published in a few short years, and the public heavily pushed kingdoms to produce the Bible. Since its printing, the population of people claiming to believe in the Bible has rocketed to more than two billion people worldwide. Therefore, the Bible’s effect on Western Culture is utterly astounding. Yet, in the next few decades, most people in American Western Culture will likely stop identifying as Christian.

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