March 24, 2023

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Fed Raises Rates

The Fed has raised interest rates an additional 25 basis points.

Trump Indictment Update

The Grand Jury was told to stay home on Wednesday and to resume court on Thursday. Furthermore, it is now being reported that; "The Manhattan DA cancelled his planned arrest of President Trump when his final grand jury witness told the jurors that Bragg was hiding hundreds of pages of exculpatory evidence from them. Bragg is at risk of being charged with prosecutorial misconduct."

Trump Grand Jury

The Grand Jury Investigating Trump has canceled today's meeting, delaying the potential indictment vote.

Tampa Bouncer Stops Mass Shooting

Actions by a Security Officer at a night club in Tampa prevented a mass shooting according to police. Dramatic video of the occurrence shows the bouncer grabbing the gun away from a man in a devil mask with the words ‘Darkk One’ and ‘Kill’ written on his arms. The Tampa Police Department has said that the actions by the Security Guard were heroic.
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The Pentagon Expediting Weapons Delivery

The Pentagon is on track to send Abrams tanks and Patriot Missile Defense systems to Ukraine faster than initially thought. The new plan is to send refurbished M1A1 Abrams to Ukraine and deliver them by Fall 2023 instead of the initial plan which would have included building new Abrams and shipping them. Thus, the new tanks would not have been delivered until sometime in the following year.

JPMorgan; ‘Already Past the point of no return’

According to JPMorgan, the US is probably heading for a recession and that we’ve breached the ‘point of no return’ as the ‘economic engines are about to turn off.’ The banks advisement comes as the Fed is expected to either raise interest rates at a quarter point or pause raising interest rates given the banking crisis.

First Republic Tumbles Again

Shares of First Republic tumbled again after hours after it was reported that the now struggling bank is hiring more advisers. The economy is on edge as the US awaits the Fed decision in regards to whether or not it will raise interest rates.

China and Russia Solidify Relationship

After a 'dear friend' meeting yesterday; both China and Russia have signed an agreement further strengthening the ties between the two nations in opposition to the United States and the efforts in Ukraine.
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White House wants War

According to the White House they are not interested in a ceasefire in Ukraine. Although, China and Russia have alluded to the possibility of a potential ceasefire.

DailyMail Insider: Trump will be charged on Wednesday

Donald Trump will likely be indicted on Wednesday but won't appear before a judge in New York until next week, has learned. 'There will be no arraignment this week,' a source familiar with the proceedings told exclusively on Tuesday. The former president, who is currently in Florida, is expected to be formally charged tomorrow, after which the Manhattan District Attorney's office will reach out to Trump and his Secret Service detail to make arrangements for his surrender, according to the insider.

Face the Music Facebook

Meta Senior Leadership including Mark Zuckerberg are set to face litigation over claims they spent years ignoring rampant sex trafficking and child exploitation on facebook. Mark Zuckerberg and other senior leaders of Meta, are facing shareholder litigation over claims they’ve spent years ignoring “rampant” sex trafficking and child exploitation that have “flourished” on Facebook and Instagram, Bloomberg Law reports

Threats against Manhattan DA

Bomb Threats were allegedly made against the Manhattan DA, courts and NYPD Headquarters as Trump will potentially be indicted on Wednesday.
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Multiple Reports State Trump Indictment on Wednesday

According to multiple independent journalists and the Daily Mail - Donald Trump will be indicted on Wednesday and won't see a judge until Monday.

Trump Indictment Update

Currently, there are reports that all NYPD personnel are to be in uniform tomorrow and prepared for a potential Trump indictment. In addition, there are reports that the indictment is unlikely this week. There are several independent journalists watching the Trump plane and are reporting that the aircraft is gearing for a potential flight. At this time, we are not able to confirm or deny if a Trump indictment will happen tomorrow or Wednesday – stay tuned as the situation unfolds. We’ll continue to report what we’re hearing.  

The Biden Veto

President Biden utilized the first veto of his presidency, killing a bill that was passed by both the House and the Senate which would have protected American's retirement funds from being utilized on ESG-backed investments.

Trump Faces Charges in Georgia

The politically weaponized justice system in Georgia is preparing to bring charges against President Trump for racketeering and conspiracy in relation to attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.
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China’s Xi is Aligned with Russia

In a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, China's Xi Jinping announced that China is prepared to defend world order alongside Russia in accordance with International Law. Effectively, declaring a side in the ongoing Ukrainian conflict.

Breaking: Donald Trump Indictment As Early as this Evening

Former President Donald Trump may be indicted by a grand jury as early as Monday evening.

Students in Texas School Asked to play ‘Seducing Hooker’ Game

A former 'woke' Latina mother reported to the Daily Mail that she pulled her thirteen-year-old child out of a school in Texas because the daughter was asked to play a 'team building' game with fellow classmates called 'Seducing Hooker.'

First Republic Bank Tanks… Again

Just now, First Republic Bank stocks plunged an additional 30% on Monday.
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NPYD Mobilizes Riot Police for Trump Arrest

The NYPD has mobilized 700 Riot Police ahead of the potential Trump indictment. Secondly, the NYPD is putting up barricades and expecting protests. No word yet, on when Trump will be indicted; rumor says Monday or Wednesday, not Tuesday.

JPMorgan Chase Epstein Lawsuit

JPMorgan Chase can be sued by Virgin Islands over Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking claims - according to CNBC

FED to Pause?

Given the banking crises, the direction of the FED, in regards to interest rate hikes, has spun into questionable territory with most of the ‘experts’ expecting the Fed to pause or reverse course. However, should the Fed pause, it is possible that the US economy enters into the incredibly dreaded ‘Stagflation.’ Therefore, several economists expect the Fed to continue course. However, according to Goldman; "We expect the FOMC to pause at its March meeting this week because of stress in the banking system.... We think Fed officials will therefore share our view that stress in the banking system remains the most immediate concern for now."

The US Paid Twice

CBS news recently obtained documentation which purportedly shows that the US Government may have paid twice for projects in Wuhan, China. The funding allegedly came from the NIH and USAID. Some of those research projects may be tied to labs implicated in the lab leak COVID-19 origin theory, CBS reports.
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Women Drink More

For the first time, Women binge drink more than men. A new revelation from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse reveals.

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