May 18, 2024
NewsWar of Words: President Trump 'We Could Cut off The Whole Relationship' with China

War of Words: President Trump ‘We Could Cut off The Whole Relationship’ with China

  • "There are many things we could do," Trump told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo on Thursday morning. "We could cut off the whole relationship."
  • Xinhua News Agency, China's State-Run Media Said that Washington is stumbling block to 'better world order.'
  • The United States President Donald Trump on Thursday suggested that ‘we could cut off the whole relationship with China.' President Trump also said that at the moment he doesn’t want to speak with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

    During the Pandemic a lot came to light, mainly, that the United States, because of globalism, has outsourced almost all of our manufacturing. It is so bad, that we couldn’t even produce paper masks en-mass.

    In response to the bungling of the Coronavirus by China, ...

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