May 18, 2024
NewsUnemployment Tops Thirty Million - Numbers Not seen Since the Great Depression

Unemployment Tops Thirty Million – Numbers Not seen Since the Great Depression

  • Jobless Claims Reach thirty million, but week-over-week claims for unemployment continue to decline.
  • U.S. personal spending in March plunged by the most on records going back more than six decades on Thursday.
  • Personal-consumption expenditures, or household spending, tumbled 7.5 percent in March from the previous month
  • Week-over-week since the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic, millions upon millions have filed for unemployment. Currently, the United States is sitting at a record of thirty million unemployed. The amount of Americans who filed for unemployment is estimated to be similar to that of The Great Depression.

    At the beginning of the week, many states eyed reopening their economies and attempting to get life back on track for their populations; however, even though many businesses are set to re...

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