April 25, 2024
NewsThe Chinese Communist Party Brought Down the US Economy is Sixty Days - Navarro

The Chinese Communist Party Brought Down the US Economy is Sixty Days – Navarro

  • Sen. Cotton - Data Suggests Roads Closed Around Wuhan Lab in October
  • Navarro - CCP Downed Economy in 60 Days
  • State AG's Request Congressional Investigation into China's 'Deceit'
  • Trump; "This is worse than Pearl Harbor, this is worse than the World Trade Center. There's never been an attack like this.' Referring to the 'invisible enemy.'
  • Peter Navarro, the White House Trade Advisor, said this week that Beijing, China, the Communist Party, ruined the United States' economy in just sixty days. Also, Senator Tom Cotton issued an intriguing statement; 'Reports emerged yesterday in the media that publicly available cell phone data suggests that roads around the lab in Wuhan were closed in the middle of October.'

    Unemployment is currently at the highest level since The Great Depression, which was almost 100 years ago; also, accordi...

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