Published: July 20, 2020  Updated: July 20, 2020 at 9:41 am EST

Many have praised the Chinese Communist Party for their ability to reportedly beat the Coronavirus; however, those same organizations often overlook the atrocities committed by the Chinese Communist Party. Government officials in China have ordered that Christians abandon their faith or lose financial aid.

According to Bitter Winter, the Chinese economy took a sharp hit from the Coronavirus pandemic. The hardest hit, are low-income families who already struggle to make ends meet. Now, the CCP has ordered Christians who receive welfare payments to replace Crosses, Religious Symbols, and images inside their homes with portraits of China’s communist leader.

“All impoverished households in the town were told to display Mao Zedong images,” a local pastor told Bitter Winter. “The government is trying to eliminate our belief and wants to become God instead of Jesus.”

A church member in one of the villages recalled how authorities entered his home and destroyed a calendar with an image of Jesus on it, then replaced it was a portrait of Mao instead.

“Impoverished religious households can’t receive money from the state for nothing—they must obey the Communist Party for the money they receive,” he explained.

In April, government officials in Xinyu city, in the Southeastern province of Jiangxi, withheld a disabled Christian’s funds if the believer continued to attend worship services. And in Jiangxi’s Poyang county, an elderly Christian woman was taken off the government’s aid list because she said “Thank God” after receiving her monthly check (about $28).

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In May, another Christian reported that the government broke into her home, and posted portraits of Map and President Xi Jinping. Further, the officer then said, “These are the greatest gods. If you want to worship somebody, they are the ones.”

Furthermore, another elderly woman in China reported that the government in Henan’s Shangqiu city lost her welfare benefits in April after they found a cross displayed on her door.

“They tore it down immediately,” the Christian said. “Afterward, both my minimum living allowance and poverty alleviation subsidy were canceled. I am being driven to a dead end. I have diabetes and need injections regularly.”

In addition, government authorities have broken into Churches across the region and removed crosses. See below, in the video, Chinese officials in the Jiangxi Province broke into a church and replaced the Cross with pictures of Mao and Xi Jinping.

Interestingly enough, in the United States, many on the left have also demanded that Christians remove images of Jesus, for the underlying reason of Racism. In addition, all over the United States Crosses, Christian statues, imagery, and more have been destroyed. Further, in some cases, the Churches have been burned to the ground.

On July 11th, 2020, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Fr. Manuel Perez, pastor of St. Stephen Church, noticed that the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary had been knocked off its pedestal.

Upon further inspection, he found that the head of the statue was missing. “What a strange time we’re living in,” tweeted Bishop Richard Stika of Knoxville. “This is occurring at various spots throughout the United States.” ABC News9 said that Chattanooga police forwarded their report to the Department of Homeland Security as a possible hate crime.

All over the United States from Queens, New York to Los Angeles, California, there have been reports of some form of destruction to Churches and their property. Contrary to popular belief, Christians are the most persecuted group on the planet.

Lastly, as of July 13th, 2020 ALL indoor Church services have been banned in at least 30 counties, even in-home Bible studies, and fellowship. In other counties, fellowship may be limited to 25% capacity or 100 people, whichever is less.

Also, singing, chanting, praise, and worship have been banned. However, the exact same order also allows protests. Under Governor Newsom’s latest directive, residents of California can engage in protests and riots, but cannot house a Bible Study with a friend or neighbor.

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