The Christian Perspective – Because the Truth Matters.

The Christian Perspective is an up-and-coming Christian news outlet started in 2018. Our objective is to share the happenings of the world from a Christian Point of View (Tcpov). We believe in objective truth – the world has gradually drifted away from that reality. Tcpov seeks to challenge that narrative – because the truth matters.

Truth is the factual description of an event or the objective reality. We hold that the Bible is in fact the Word of God. We hold that Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven. We hold that the Biblical worldview is the correct worldview. Those statements are the baseline from which our articles and research are benchmarked.

The Christian Perspective; Christian Beliefs and Conservative Thought. For centuries the United States has continually leaned on the two aforementioned perspectives to shape a nation that places liberty at the center of the cause for the United States. The Christian Faith – One Nation Under God. The founding fathers established a nation based on the Bible, and as America drifts from the Bible, freedom drifts from America. Our job is to showcase the freedom and morality of the Father to in turn show His Love for People.

Our Publishings;