March 3, 2024

Head of UK space exploration claims that aliens definitely exist

According to a report by Mirror, Libby Jackson, the Head of Space Exploration in the UK, confidently asserts that the possibility of life beyond humans in the vast universe is undeniable. Jackson emphasizes that it is not a matter of “if,” but rather a matter of “when” we will uncover further answers to these intriguing questions.

This report is in line with previous studies conducted by scientists, who have suggested that the existence of extraterrestrial life in some form is highly probable. Jackson’s perspective adds to a growing list of public figures who have openly discussed the presence of aliens in our universe. As the 41-year-old Head of Space Exploration, Jackson’s significant contributions were recognized with an OBE in 2022. She firmly believes that continued exploration of space will provide invaluable insights into the potential existence of life beyond Earth.

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