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Massive Dam Failure

Massive Dam Failure

The National Weather Service Announced that a dam in Spaulding County, Georgia has failed. The NWS issued a Flash flood Emergency and called this a "particularly dangerous situation" after the Spalding County Emergency Management reported the imminent failure of Head's Creek Reservoir dam from heavy rainfall.

Rand Paul staffer Stabbed in Broad Daylight

Staffer for U.S. Senator Rand Paul was stabbed multiple times with a knife "in broad daylight" in Washington DC.

Nashville Shooter planned Mass Murder

Nashville Police Chief Drake says officers have found a manifesto and a map in regards to Audrey Hale's plans to commit mass school shooting; Drake also confirms Hale identified as transgender. In addition the Police plan to release the footage of the school shooting. Lastly, the shooter purchased at least two of the firearms legally. Again, the shooter entered the school with two AR-15s and a sidearm. https://twitter.com/breaking911/status/1640465699305816064?s=46&t=Xiwm2KMwyHrTYngGovfHBg
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Nashville Shooter Identified

The Nashville school shooter was identified as 28 year old Audrey Hale. Nashville school shooting suspect identified as 28-year-old Audrey Hale, according to NBC News. Audrey, is a transgender male.

Shooting at a School in Nashville

Earlier today it was reported that an active shooter was present at an elementary school in Nashville. The shooter was a 28 year old female there are six total casualties not including the shooter who was also killed by police. The shooter is allegedly a 28 year old female who is an alumni of the school and brandished two assault weapons as well as a side arm to the attack. Nashville police are still working out all the details.. More to come.

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