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Fed Raises Rates

Fed Raises Rates

The Fed has raised interest rates an additional 25 basis points.

Trump Indictment Update

Trump Indictment Update

The Grand Jury was told to stay home on Wednesday and to resume court on Thursday. Furthermore, it is now being reported that; "The Manhattan DA cancelled his planned arrest of President Trump when his final grand jury witness told the jurors that Bragg was hiding hundreds of pages of exculpatory evidence from them. Bragg is at risk of being charged with prosecutorial misconduct."

Trump Grand Jury

Trump Grand Jury

The Grand Jury Investigating Trump has canceled today's meeting, delaying the potential indictment vote.
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White House wants War

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Tampa Bouncer Stops Mass Shooting

Actions by a Security Officer at a night club in Tampa prevented a mass shooting according to police. Dramatic video of the occurrence shows the bouncer grabbing the gun away from a man in a devil mask with the words ‘Darkk One’ and ‘Kill’ written on his arms. The Tampa Police Department has said that the actions by the Security Guard were heroic. https://twitter.com/TampaPD/status/1638229193996509185
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The Pentagon Expediting Weapons Delivery

The Pentagon is on track to send Abrams tanks and Patriot Missile Defense systems to Ukraine faster than initially thought. The new plan is to send refurbished M1A1 Abrams to Ukraine and deliver them by Fall 2023 instead of the initial plan which would have included building new Abrams and shipping them. Thus, the new tanks would not have been delivered until sometime in the following year.

JPMorgan; ‘Already Past the point of no return’

According to JPMorgan, the US is probably heading for a recession and that we’ve breached the ‘point of no return’ as the ‘economic engines are about to turn off.’ The banks advisement comes as the Fed is expected to either raise interest rates at a quarter point or pause raising interest rates given the banking crisis.

First Republic Tumbles Again

Shares of First Republic tumbled again after hours after it was reported that the now struggling bank is hiring more advisers. The economy is on edge as the US awaits the Fed decision in regards to whether or not it will raise interest rates.

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